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Pensions and Life Insurance

What can we do for you?

“Planning for your Retirement can sometimes be left on the very long finger!” but remember that
the younger you start planning for your retirement the longer you will have to build up a financial
fund for your retirement years.

We will sit down with you as independent financial advisors, to help you plan for your retirement and
life’s other eventualities. Help you understand what your anticipated cost of living will be after
retirement and reverse engineer how much you will need to set aside to maintain financial security
into retirement. Once your pension plan is in place, we will sit with you and review your plan
performance on an annual basis to ensure that you are on target to achieving your financial security in
retirement. It’s important to remember that planning your Pension and Life Insurance cover need not
be confusing, let us help you achieve the right cover for your needs.

What are the benefits to me of starting a pension fund?

All personal pension contributions are tax deductible at your marginal rate of tax, this is another
important reason to make regular and single contributions to your pension. It’s important to
remember that a €100 pension contribution if you’re taxed at the higher PAYE rate of 40% has
a real net cost to you of €60 due to the tax deduction saving on the contribution.

Our team of experienced professionals can assist you with:
- Company Pensions / Directors Pensions
- Personal Pensions/PRSAs
- Buyout Bonds
- Life Cover
- Income Protection
- Critical Illness Cover
- Business Protection
- Savings and Investments

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  • Flexible & Bespoke Services
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